Mickey’s Deli – Nothing Says Sandwich in Hermosa Beach Quite Like Mickey’s

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

65 years and counting has made Mickey’s Deli as much a part of Hermosa Beach as the beach itself. It doesn’t matter if you need a breakfast burrito to start off your day, a pizza to end or any of the fresh Italian deli staples that they have offered since opening their doors, Mickey’s Deli will always have some delicious to share with you as you enjoy your day at the beach

Mickey’s Deli is a true family deli with three generations that included a Mickey, a Paul and another Mickey along with a family that grew up feeding Hermosa Beach. Throughout the 65 years, Hermosa Beach could always count on Mickey’s Deli and food that keeps this beach community coming back. A staple of Mickey’s Deli over the years has been the many sandwiches that they offer on their menu. To celebrate “National Sandwich Month” in August, Mickey’s Deli decided to create something new and wonderful and they did just that with their Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich starts with a deep-fried and hand-breaded chicken breast that is cooked to perfection, keeping the chicken moist, while giving you a lightly breaded exterior that allows the crispiness to hold up under the combination of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and ranch dressing. Add to it crispy lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese and put it all on fresh toasted French roll and you get sandwich perfection in every bite. You are going to get the buffalo chicken experience in every bite, with just a sense of heat, while not making it overpowering so that anyone can enjoy it.

If you really want to enjoy all of “National Sandwich Month”, you really need to stop by Mickey’S Deli several times to make your way through the sandwich menu. They have plenty of classics such as: Italian beef, meatball, corned beef, capacolla and of course pastarmi, just to name a few. You are not going to find a better pastrami experience than the one at Mickey’s Deli, as they not only do the perfect classic sandwich, but they also make a pastrami breakfast burrito and a pastrami pizza.

Pastrami Pizza

There are plenty of pizza places that will put pastrami on a pizza, but Mickey’s Deli gives you a completely unique version. There pastrami pizza is simply a pastrami sandwich created into a pizza. If you close your eyes and take a bite, this screams pastrami sandwich while also giving you everything you love in a slice of pizza. The pastrami pizza uses mustard as a sauce with just a touch of mayonnaise and is topped with mozzarella cheese and pastrami. Once it is cooked flawlessly and taken out of the oven it is finished off with pickles. The combination of pizza and pastrami simply could not be done any better. If you don’t want a whole pie, Mickey’s Deli has slices of a variety of pizzas for you to try throughout the day.

Pizza by the slice

The best way to start your day off at Hermosa Beach is one of Mickey’s breakfast burritos. Packed with ingredients and flavors, one of these burritos will keep you going long into the day whether you are surfing, biking or playing volleyball. From classic versions that feature bacon and hashbrowns or the ones that are filled with pastrami or Italian sausage, there is no better breakfast burrito in Hermosa Beach. Make sure to get some of their homemade salsa to really complete the experience.

Mickey’s Deli also lives up to the deli name with plenty of fresh meats, cheese and plenty of salads as well as classic Italian dishes. If you are hosting a party on the beach or have a business function, you can have Mickey’s Deli cater any of their incredible food no matter how many people you are hosting.

Hermosa Beach is one of the beach names that resonates with all of Southern California and with it goes Mickey’s Deli. This is one of those great spots that you can simply drop in as you are heading to beach or riding your bike and grab something quick or order out for an entire. Whatever you need from Mickey’s Deli they have it for you and you will always have that true family experience and food that has stood the test of time.

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